Young Group Vacuum Truck

Waste Management Services

Our waste disposal process has two independent separate steps. The first of these is reducing the quantity of waste there is for disposal. This is done through the High Pressure Demulsifier and Circulation Management Tank by separating hydrocarbons from water and solids, returning 98% of the oil to pipeline spec. The second step of this process is hauling any remaining solids to disposal. Young Energy has equipment to transport any waste product remaining for disposal.

Young Group Trailer

Reduced Environmental Impact

Returning 98% of the oil to use, that would have otherwise been disposed of, ensures a significantly reduced quantity of waste. This not only means that there is less waste to be disposed of but also less trucks on the road to transport the waste products.

Waste Hauling

This service is available with or without the addition of the HPD and CMT process.

Vac Trucks

Young Energy is able to supply as many trucks needed to handle hauling needs.

24/7 Availability

Young Energy offers 24/7 availability for emergency hauling.