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Tank Services

With decades of experience in tank cleaning, Young Energy is your one stop shop to ensure the longevity and operational efficiency of your facilities. Our unique combination of non-entry cleaning services and operational know-how means we’ll make sure your tanks and vessels get cleaned safely and efficiently to keep your assets in prime condition and compliant with health, safety and environmental regulations.

Intelligent Confined Space Cleaning Options

As we advance the technology and equipment we utilize, we are implementing an increased number of automated tank cleaning tools. This equipment no longer relies on direct manual control and can be programmed to automate the tank cleaning process. This ensures a smaller crew and mitigates the risk of having those individuals on site as well as increases the quality of the job by removing an aspect of human error.

Zero-Entry Tank Cleaning

Our industry-leading robotic technologies give us the ability to clean tanks without the need to put individuals inside of the tank.

Rover Option

Our Rover can be equipped with either a cannon or a dozer attachment.

Waste Reducing High Pressure Demulsifier System

With the ability to separate 98% of the remaining oil from solids and clean to pipeline spec, this process not only returns product to circulation but reduces waste for disposal.

More About Tank Services

As an industry leader in tank entry and cleaning across a variety of industries, Young Energy provides a growing list of services to ensure that our clients’ assets are maintained to the highest standard of quality. Whether it’s a floating roof tank for the Oil and Gas industry or an industrial vessel, Young Energy has the experience and technology to get it cleaned and operational.


  • Non- entry Vessel Cleaning
  • Automated Triple Lance Exchanger Cleaning
  • 3D Washing
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Mobile Automated Bundle Blasing
  • Boiler or Vessel Acidization


  • Rover with High pressure Cannons and Dozer Attachment
  • Piped Flow System
  • Hydro Testing
  • Complete LEL removal
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Degreasing


  • Pre-commissioning Flushing
  • Particulate Fouling
  • Corrosion
  • Biological Fouling
  • Crystallization
  • Chemical Reaction Fouling
Young Group Cannon

Trust Industry Leading Tank cleaning specialists

With over 20 years of tank cleaning experience you can be confident that we can handle any tank cleaning project.

  • Trust industry leading professionals.
  • Intelligent computerized confined space cleaning ensures high quality and low risk performance with advanced cannons and rovers.
  • Complete turnkey services can include safety and mechanical scopes of work.
  • Both waste processing and hauling can be performed to process and dispose of any solids after cleaning.