Sanitization Response

With years of experience in cleaning hazardous materials, Young Energy has incorporated sanitization response services to combat against biological hazards and provide safe and clean environments. Using AHS approved and environmentally friendly cleaning agents, we are able to remove biological threats from an area and return it to regular operations. These services can be applied to any indoor or outdoor space including offices, restaurants, schools or school playgrounds.

More About Service

The Sanitization Response Services team uses tried and true methods that Young Energy has developed over decades in the industrial cleaning industry to give you peace of mind. Our highly-skilled team will work with you to complete a total deep clean and sanitization of your space in an efficient manner, ensuring as little downtime as possible. No space is too big or too small for our team of skilled operators.

Sanitization Services

This service provides approved chemicals with safe application procedures and approved decontamination procedures. With fogger or direct application our trained personnel ensure the space is properly sanitized.

Two Disinfection Services

By using chemicals approved for long term application our trained personnel are able to safely disinfect any space.

Cleaning Services

Utilizing our mobile pressure wash units and their capabilities of heated water or steam to fully clean any area. This process can also be paired with approved chemicals.