Safety Services

Young Energy offers an extensive list of safety services suitable to every industry. These services compliment our core list of services but can also be offered as independent safety services and compliment scopes outside of what Young Energy has to offer and in various industries including construction, film, and oil and gas.

More About Service

Safety is one of our core values and is always our main focus at any job. As such, our safety services allow us to provide support to our own projects as well as others in various fields. We are able to provide safety professionals to compliment various scopes of work to ensure safety is at the forefront of every project.

High Angle Rescue and Confined Space Rescue

Our rescue teams are comprised of highly trained and experienced technicians. We equip our teams with state of the art rescue equipment to ensure their safety as well as everyone on site.

Practice Drills on Longer Projects

On longer projects, our teams actively run mock drills and refreshers with operations crew to ensure preparedness to handle emergency situations.

State of the Art Equipment

Arizona Vortex Rescue Equipment
Versatile rescue equipment prepared for any terrain or situation. Designed for unpredictable mountain rescues, our equipment can adapt to any job.

Specialized Rescue Training

Our technicians are equipped with training from some of the most well respected training programs in the country.

Breathing Air Services

When individuals are relying on breathing air solutions, Young Energy provides a reliable service you can count on. Our breathing air solutions range in size to suit any project from small jobs to large scale turnarounds utilizing a vast fleet of skids, trailers, and compressors.

Custom Built, Compact Units

Our custom air skid units can supply the equivalent to an air trailer but can fit in a pickup truck. It is equipped with built-in regulator systems and is completely self contained.

On Site Breathing Air Refill

Mobile breathing air compressors ensure minimal downtime and no need to replace equipment or take it off site.

Large Fleet of Air Units

With over 45 units, our fleet can meet the needs of some of the largest turnaround projects in Canada.

Worker Holding Hard Hat

Service Field Safety Advisors

With a highly skilled pool of professional safety advisors we can provide the assurance that the safety of your project is expert hands. Minimizing accidents, injuries, and operational losses to a goal of zero is our objective. We do not take safety lightly and neither will our crew.

Large Project Capabilities

With access to a large pool of contract safety advisors Young Energy can staff any size of project.

NCSO and CRSP Certified Safety Advisors

To ensure competency, we only employ advisors with NCSO or CRSP designations.

Industry Experience

Our advisors have anywhere from 5 to over 20 years of experience in various industries including Oil and Gas, Construction, and Power generation.

Worker Holding Hard Hat

Safety Watch

Young Energy has the capacity to deploy anywhere from 1 to 250+ experienced safety/fire/bottle watch personnel to site on short notice. Our experienced hands will be responsible for ensuring work is conducted in a safe manner in the area they are assigned.

Large Project Capabilities

With experience staffing over 250 safety personnel, we are able to meet the needs of large scale projects.

Short Notice Deployment

Our recruiting department can deploy safety watch personnel to site on short notice.

Embedded Safety

Our safety personnel can be fully integrated into our clients policies and procedures to ensure cohesive work flow.

QA/QC Units

Our QA/QC service brings all the necessary tools and equipment needed to properly sanitize and quality check breathing air equipment directly to the worksite. This speeds up the turnaround time on respirator equipment as a qualified technician can clean and build masks on site.

Automated Respirator Washer

Capable of cleaning 16 full face or 32 half masks per hour. This lowers the man hours needed to meet demand.

Fully Self Contained

The QA/QC unit is fully self- contained in a 40 foot sea can, including respirator washer, dryer, work area, and water storage.


This unit can also come equipped with a washer and dryer for coveralls or harnesses as well as a stainless steel sink to meet various cleaning needs.

Program Development Services

Young Energy prides itself on ensuring our clients can maintain the highest standards of safety in the industry. Our team of safety professionals offer our clients a wealth of knowledge in safety program development, COR/SECOR manual preparation, site auditing, and external COR/SECOR audits.

Safety Program Development

We can assist in the development of a new safety program, or provide consulting services related to program revisions.

COR & SECOR Preparation

Our team of auditors can help ensure your organization’s safety program meets the requirements to receive COR or SECOR certification.

External Auditing

Young Energy provides our clients with experienced auditors to perform external COR audits on our clients safety program or the programs of their contractors.