Project Management & Consulting

Young Energy has a 5 phase project management program to ensure optimal project performance. We hire planning professionals to facilitate everything from project conception and initiation to project close and review. Our goal is to ensure every project is completed in such a way that the client can be confident in the price, quality, and ease of the process.

More About Service

The process begins with the project initiation. After such point we begin defining scope and budget, schedules, communication plans, and risk management. Our team then moves through definition and planning, followed by launch and execution, however our job does not end there as we ensure we follow the project through to close when we evaluate the process so that improvements can be made for future projects.

Clear Goal Setting

To create a successful project a large part of the process is setting clear, measurable, and timely goals.

Project performance and Cost Tracking

Over the course of the project our professionals ensure cost is on track, the project is on schedule and handle any unforeseen hurdles and scope changes.

Project Review

Project start is not the end of our process. We continue working with the project to ensure smooth operation and complete the project with a review once it has completed.


Why Hire a Project Planner?

Hiring a project planning team takes the stress of the project away by knowing the job is being done by a team of professionals.

  • This ensures a smooth, low stress process.
  • Our team of multi-disciplined professionals will ensure the project is cost effective, innovative, and bring value from their vast network of connections.
  • Rely on years of planning expertise.
  • Project reviews mean lessons learned can be implemented on future projects.