Young Group Cannon

Innovative Technologies

As a leader in technological advancements, Young Energy is constantly investing in research and development of new technology. We believe in investing in greater safety by introducing equipment that reduces or eliminates man hours in confined spaces. We believe in increasing quality by introducing automation to ensure performance and in taking steps to protect the environment by taking trucks off the road by using smaller equipment without compromising performance as well as decreasing waste with processes that separate more product from waste and return it to the customer.

Overview of Industrial Cleaning Automation and Innovation

Young Energy has a vast array of equipment designed to make every project simpler and safer as a result of years of development. Young Energy started as one of the first in Canada to introduce robotics into tank cleaning and we have continued to build on that lead with the most advanced robotic tools in the industry.

High Pressure Demulsifier and Circulation Management Tank

By utilizing the High Pressure Demulsifier (HPD), as well as the Circulation Management Tank (CMT), Young Energy’s unique process allows for oil production waste streams to be separated and off site disposal to be greatly reduced. This process separates hydrocarbons from solids by breaking emulsions and returning hydrocarbons cleaned to pipeline spec.

98% Oil Recovery

The HPD and CMT process recovers 98% of the oil from the otherwise disposed of waste and returns it to pipeline spec.

Significantly Reduced Carbon Footprint

Not only does this system reduce waste material to be disposed of, but as a result of this greatly reduces trucks on the road disposing of this waste.

Intelligent Computer Automation

The intelligent computer automization of this process means fewer individuals are needed to operate the system. This provides increased efficiency and reduced worker exposure.

Live Injection Circulation and Recovery

Online tank debulking is now possible with the Live Injection Circulation and Recovery (LICAR) tool. Large quantities of material can be removed from inside a tank without creating any upset. This tool is able to perform the task previously done by several pieces of equipment and is able to do so while the tank is in operation. This process can be used not only as debulking for complete tank clean but also for debulking to maintain tank efficiency.

Online Tank Debulking

High pressure sweeps work simultaneously with a suction line that is able to immediately remove disturbed slurry, protecting the product from any upset.

Minimal Clearance Needed for Insertion

Can be inserted into a tank nozzle to ensure minimal impact with minimal clearance needed.

Automated Position and Controls

The LICAR tool can be controlled using an automated process that can increase the efficiency of the debulking process

Advanced Tank Modeling and Cleaning Software Tank sample

Advanced Tank Modeling and Cleaning Software

The Advanced Tank Modeling and Cleaning Software not only creates in-depth tank and vessel models but also simulates and automates the cleaning process. After building a model of a tank or vessel, this program can manage inventory of equipment and flanges needed to perform the cleaning. These simulations can show the way our equipment will interact with the internal structures of the tank or vessel. Following simulations, the program can then control the equipment to automate the entire cleaning process. This ensures efficiency by automating the process from initial inventory to the end of the cleaning process.

Complete Project Automation

The Advanced Tank Modeling and Cleaning Software can create automated cleaning cycles for multiple pieces of equipment, thereby eliminating the need for an individual to control every movement and drastically increasing efficiency.

Advanced Modeling Capabilities

In-depth tank and vessel modeling software allows for detailed models to be built including manways, clean out doors, internal walls and columns, floating roof legs and tank nozzles, allowing for a clear picture of tanks and vessels

Visualization of Tool Reach

Simulated fluid jetting streams to show depth of penetration and pathway interaction.

Vessel Cleaning Cannon

At under 200 lbs, this vessel cannon brings the technology used to clean large tanks and downsizes to be used in smaller equipment and harder to access locations. The maneuverability of the cannon allows it to move around inside the vessel on an articulated arm with 90 degrees of rotation, on a 360-degree rotational axis, and extends up to 3 feet inside the vessel. This compact cannon allows for ease of both debulking and final clean of vessels, and other smaller pieces of equipment.

Various Nozzles

High Pressure, low flow and low pressure high flow nozzles allow for both debulking and final clean, with a maximum pressure of 3500 psi and a maximum flow of 250 GPM.

Hand Portable

The lightweight design of the vessel cleaning cannon ensures ease of installation and use.

Remote Automated Operation

The Vessel Cleaning Cannon can be operated remotely or have its cleaning path automated, greatly increasing efficiency.

Fluid Dynamics Modelling

Our Fluid Dynamics Modelling (FDM) software uses computational fluid dynamic modeling to depict and analyze what’s really happening inside a tank or vessel. The software uses the latest in fluid dynamics research to predict fluid flow making this the perfect tool for in-depth comparison of cleaning methods, creating detailed ventilation plans and demonstrating effectiveness to stakeholders. Gone are the days of hoping that tank circulation will be effective, with our FDM software, we can be more certain of what path is right for any given project.

Visualize Fluid Movement

Clear pictures can be developed to show various aspects of fluid movement within a tank or vessel.

Pump sizing

FDM can determine the most efficient pump for any situation, minimizing extra cost.

Cutter Stock Selection

FDM can model several different cutter stocks to determine which is best for a specific tank.

Final Clean Rover

The Final Clean Rover is one of the most advanced rovers in use. Including various attachments for easy of cleaning including a water cannon, vacuum attachment, and telescopic Gammajet. The high-definition camera and light provide a real time, high quality live feed. The rover can be automated to ensure efficient cleaning. Added weight and the wide wheelbase of the tracks provide stability and maneuverability in adverse environments.

Telescopic GammaJet

The telescopic GammaJet extends to 40 feet and provides the capability to attack solids from various angles and break down and dislodge any inorganic material that is stuck to internal structures.

Vacuum Attachment

The vacuum attachment ensures quick and easy removal of any dislodged solids and cutter stock.

Fits Through 24” Manway

When the rover is compact it can drive through a 24” manway and expand once inside the tank. No man entry or internal set up is required.

Water Cannons

The advancements of our industrial cleaning cannons means Young Energy has some of the most cutting edge equipment in the industry. These cannons have an extremely high impact force and are able to break down solids and residue in process equipment. The cannons are also equipped with high powered lights and high definition cameras that allow for greater insight into the cleaning of the equipment without needing any additional steps.

Significantly Reduced Size

Without compromising power or efficiency Young Energy has implemented the use of a significantly smaller cannon system. Meaning this complete cannon solution can be transported in one pickup truck instead of a B-train.

Reduced Man Power

Not only does the cannon eliminate the need for individuals in the equipment but it also dramatically reduces manpower needed to operate the system through it’s automated control system or its remote control option.

180 Degrees of Movement

With 180 degrees of movement on two axis our cannon systems can successfully clean the entire interior with no area left untouched.

Tank Sweeps

Young Energy Tank Sweeps work to circulate the product and breakdown and suspend solids. The sweeps are inserted close to the floor allowing for strong shearing action to lift hard, compacted solids, waxes, and asphaltenes. This first step in cleaning accelerated the removal of hazardous material, reducing the total cleaning window.

Wide Variety of Nozzle Sizes

With a large selection of sweeps we are able to connect to a wide variety of nozzle sizes allowing greater flexibility of insertion points.

Custom Fabricated Sweep Nozzles

Our custom fabricated sweeps allow for an appropriate selected insertion depth to achieve the greatest potential contact with all material in the tank.

180 Degrees of Movement

With 180 degrees of movement our sweep systems are able to successfully circulate the entire tank with no area left untouched.

Universal Command Center

All of our equipment can be powered and controlled through these command and control centers. Up to 16 pieces of equipment can be controlled from one system making operations simple and eliminating the need for multiple setups. The Universal Command Center (UCC) is a small, self-contained, 20 foot set up.

Heated Control Units

The Universal Command Center is a heated unit that allows smooth operation of the hydraulic equipment in cold weather.


The Universal Control Cab offers unparalleled portability, meaning no job site is too remote.

Simple Operation and Set Up

The ease of operation through the command centers mean a small crew can set up and operate the equipment. As a result, fewer man hours are needed on site increasing safety and decreasing overall cost.

Mini Control Unit

Creating a more efficient cleaning process starts with a quick and easy rig up. Using the Mini Control Unit, equipment can be easily operated using a hand portable control station. This means one cannon set up can be transported entirely in the bed of one pickup truck, significantly reducing the space needed on site and simplifying projects. The MCU with the addition of a hand portable mini hydraulic power unit and a power source, this hand portable set up is entirely self-sufficient.

Remote Operation

The MCU can connect to on site command centers to facilitate remote operation of equipment when needed.

High Resolution Display

The 1080p monitor allows for high resolution live video feed to monitor the progress of the equipment as well as positioning.

Multiple Tool Operation

Using one Mini Hydraulic Power Unit the MCU can operate up to 4 pieces of equipment.


Young Energy’s Rover allows for the final clean of equipment to be done without the need for individuals in the tank. This rover can be operated remotely and has a variety of attachments to ensure it can complete any project. Class 1 Div 1 lights and HD cameras provide a high quality video feed that will ensure the tank is cleaned to the highest standard.

Dozer Attachment

The rover can be equipped with a dozer blade. This allows for the movement of solids within the tank without the need for manpower.

Cannon Attachment

Our rover can also be manually driven inside the tank to move large quantities of solids around efficiently. In this set up, air can be supplied through the rover connection meaning only one connection is needed into the tank.

Manual In-Tank Operation

With 180 degrees of movement on two axis our cannon systems can successfully clean the entire interior with no area left untouched.

Robotic Camera and Lights

High quality lights and camera ensure that on every piece of non man entry equipment we have a reliable view of exactly what it looks like inside the confined space. As we keep people out of the tank, we ensure we still have a clear view of the entire process to ensure effectiveness and quality.

Explosion Proof

Our robotic cameras and lights Class 1 Div 1 CSA and UL certified to ensure safe operation inside of the tank.

Live HD Video

Live video feeds give us a clear picture of exactly what is going on inside the tank at all times during the cleaning process.

Remote Operation

All of our equipment’s video feeds can be controlled and monitored from a safe distance using the Universal Control Cab or Mini Control Station.