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Industrial Cleaning

Young Energy has extensive experience in providing a wide variety of industrial cleaning services supporting oil, gas, petrochemical, pulp and paper, water treatment and food services. Services include water blasting, pressure washing, chemical circulation, degassing, vapor phasing, automated and intelligent cleaning technologies, line and bundle jetting, as well as fine detail cleaning.

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Young Energy continues to invest in innovation, allowing for improvement in critical areas including reduced exposure of personnel to hazards, increased efficiency, reduced timelines and immediate feedback on process efforts through real-time video and sample analysis.

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Process vessel and tank cleaning

The Young Energy has over 20 years as a leader in innovative tank and process equipment cleaning. We are proud to have the widest selection of services focused on your industrial cleaning challenges, and commit to match our services to your unique needs.

Innovative Technology

We continually evaluate new technologies to offer the best options for our clients. With a focus on providing increased safety, efficiency and productivity, Young Energy has a full suite of intelligent cleaning options for tanks, vessels, process equipment and exchangers.

Task Specific Pumps

We provide pumps that are suited for the intended purpose, including operation in classified work areas, positive displacement pumps, hydrocarbon rated service, and high solid content pumps.

Hose Selection and Maintenance Program

Young Energy selects hoses that are suitable for the materials to be transported including selection of fittings, gaskets and operating pressures. Young Energy has an annual hose maintenance and certification program.

Environmental management consideration

From the selection of hoses, to gaskets, to seals, to pump and hose containment, Young Energy ensures all precautions are taken to ensure the highest environmental standards are adhered to for the protection of the environment and personnel.

High Pressure Water Blasting

From 15k to 40k psi, Young Energy has the ability to meet your water blasting needs. With a full selection of tools and accessories, we are able to provide industrial cleaning options to the oil, gas, pulp, paper, chemical and metals refining industries.


Tank and vessel cleaning with gamajets, 360 degree heads, dump guns, and a complete selection of piping and jetting tools. Able to provide the right tool for the job consistently.

Exchanger cleaning services including automated tube jetting, bundle blasting and shell blasting.

Line jetting services provided using a wide selection of tools depending on the specific challenges. From ¾” to 24” we have the tools to clean piping and tubing safely and efficiently.

Specialty equipment cleaning – whether it is a tower that needs to be washed or a lime softener that requires debulking or descaling, Young Energy has the tools and the experience to safely perform your tasks.

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One Call to Ensure Your Project’s Success

With over 20 years in the industry, Young Energy has the experience, the knowledge, the technology and the people to deliver success for all your industrial cleaning applications.

  • The right approach for every project.
  • Safety is not a goal, Safety is the foundation that everything we do is built upon. Ultimately, no job is so urgent that the time cannot be taken to do the job safely.
  • Our people make the difference - commitment.
  • Local community support and involvement.