Safety & Quality

Safety and Quality are never optional. They are the most important features of every job. We want to ensure that every job is completed to our exacting standards in a safe manner.

Commitment To Safety

Safety is the top priority at Young Energy. The foundation of our success is the safety of our people. We operate in a manner that protects our employees, contractors, customers and the communities where we operate. Safety is embedded in every step of our planning and execution for every job and process. We will not be satisfied until we achieve and maintain HSE excellence by eliminating all injuries, occupational illnesses, unsafe practices, and incidents of environmental harm from our activities. Our families deserve it. Our clients demand it. Our business depends on it.

Worker Holding Hard Hat

Commitment to Quality

When Young Energy is hired for a job, we know we are being trusted to deliver the highest quality of work to ensure that the client’s needs are met at the highest standard whilst ensuring the safety of individuals and the environment. Young Energy has the experience and expertise to handle complicated projects without sacrificing the quality or safety of the project.