Young Energy is committed to creating and growing partnerships and providing opportunities for local indigenous businesses and individuals.

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Indigenous Partnerships

We strive to develop mutually beneficial relationships that create real value for our partners and clients. We partner with Indigenous and Metis communities within the communities we work in to build long-term relationships, building on our 6 pillars of success. We aim to provide opportunities to local businesses and individuals to support their communities and give back to the communities we work in.

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6 Pillars of Success

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Industry Training

Young Energy provides individuals within our partners communities with access to over 50 courses. This gives them the ability to quickly become an integral team member.
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Permanent and Seasonal Employment

We are continuously hiring new team members and seek to hire Indigenous individuals for our projects as well as provide employment opportunities outside of that scope to the highly qualified individuals in our partner communities.
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Advanced Education and Training Grants and Assistance

We strive to provide individuals within our partners’ communities with access to programs that will allow them to better themselves through education and bring them closer to their goals.
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Transparent Economic Benefit Programs

While working within our partners’ areas we give back to these communities to ensure growth by offering direct support through the community’s economic development arm as well as strategic business development by selecting qualified, competitive service providers in the local community.
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Engage and Work with Community Owned Indigenous Businesses

When possible we always want to use local businesses first. As such we are always looking for strong community-based providers for both long-term and short term projects.
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Equity Partnership Opportunities

We strive to work with our partners to develop sustainable business models. We hope to help create employment, financial security, life skills and community resources.