Beginning in 1999, Young Energy has a broad and deep history, providing us with the experience and expertise to provide the outstanding services we do today.

Timeline Icon 1999

Young EnergyServe Inc.

Young EnergyServe is the foundation of Young Group of Companies. Founded in 1999 as a tank cleaning company, it has now grown to encompass a complete turnkey service for industrial cleaning from planning to execution. As a Canadian born, Canadian owned company, Young EnergyServe can provide the services needed to support Canadian industry.

Timeline Icon 2012

Oilfield Waste
Solutions Inc.

OWS is the proprietary holder of proven portable technologies and processes for on-site waste management. The High Pressure Demulsifier (HPD) technology is used to break the bond on emulsions and rag layers found in production streams while recovering 98% of hydrocarbons found in the sludge. OWS’s directive is on-site waste reduction. This results in reducing the producer’s waste disposal costs and off-site transportation. This system also significantly increases safety, reduces the carbon footprint and operating costs and the critical path downtime.

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Timeline Icon 2015


Energy Serve provides industrial cleaning services in the United States. Founded in 2015, Energy Serve provides those same services as Young EnergyServe with the same expertise to the American industry. With access to numerous innovative technologies as well as years of experience, Energy Serve is able to provide turnkey solutions to industrial cleaning needs in the United States.

Timeline Icon 2017

Pipestone Group

The Young Group of Companies Community Development arm (Pipestone Group 2017) is a majority owned Indigenous Company that offers diverse partnerships programs for Indigenous Communities and members across Western Canada. We work very closely with both industry and the Socio-Economic arms within indigenous communities across Canada to develop mutually beneficial partnerships.

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Timeline Icon 2019

Safewatch Consulting Group Ltd

SafeTech’s Safewatch division specializes in providing emergency rescue, breathing air equipment, and turnaround safety personnel. Safewatch works with their customers to understand their vision and environments so that they can adapt their approaches to better meet the client’s unique workspace requirements and ensure project success.

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Safetech Consulting Group Ltd

SafeTech Consulting provides quality OH&S services specific to your needs. Safetech functions as a one stop for all site safety needs ranging from turnaround staffing to senior safety advisors. Health and safety advisors utilize an integrated systematic approach to OH&S management ensuring that individual elements interact smoothly and efficiently to elevate companies to the leading edge of safety.

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Timeline Icon 2020

Sanitization Response

Founded as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic and drawing on extensive experience working in and around hazardous materials and atmospheres, Sanitization Response Services provides mobile services to industry, government, not for profit and human services. Sanitization Response Services provides cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection response services to indoor, outdoor, mobile facilities and surfaces using a variety of CDC and Health Canada approved chemicals and professionally developed procedures. Our highly skilled personnel use industry leading Personal Protective Equipment to ensure the safety of themselves, their families and local communities.

Timeline Icon 2022


In 2022 Young EnergyServe became a Vertex Company. This means that the team at Young Energy is able to work with the team at Vertex to offer a greater scope of work to their clients. This greater scope includes environmental services and additional turnaround services.