About Us

With operations across Canada, Young Energy is a fast growing company servicing various different industries with a diverse list of services.

Young Group Office

Young EnergyServe

Young Energy prioritizes providing high quality service while also creating a positive impact in our community and the communities we work in. We accomplish this by giving back to organizations we believe in and by creating meaningful partnerships in the communities where we do business.


Founded in 1999, Young EnergyServe, now a Vertex Company, started as a tank cleaning company. It has now grown to encompass complete turnkey turnaround solutions, cutting edge zero entry tank cleaning services, and numerous other services and technological advancements that have put Young Energy at the forefront of the industry.

Our Mission

To deliver the highest standard of work whilst ensuring the health, safety, and prosperity of the environment and all stakeholders.

Core Values


As our industries are constantly evolving, so are we. Young Energy strives to always be on the leading edge of technology and innovation, using the most effective and efficient means for every job.


People are the backbone of our business. For that reason, their safety and growth are of prime importance. Young Energy strives to create opportunities for individual growth and advancement within the company so individuals can feel good about their jobs. Young Energy also works to constantly create the highest quality of safety practices and procedures to ensure that at the end of everyday each individual can go home safe.


Young Energy understands the importance of doing business with people you trust. That’s why we’re dedicated to upholding the highest standards of personal and professional ethics in all aspects of our company. Young Energy stands by a promise of integrity, honesty, responsibility, and creating trust with suppliers, contractors, and clients.


Community has and will always be a priority for Young Energy. Whether that is finding ways to support youth programs, creating partnerships with Indigenous bands, or supporting local business in the communities we work in. We strive to create growth and provide opportunities whenever possible.


At Young Energy we understand the importance of the environment in every industry. As such we prioritize the safety of the environment in everything we do in order to preserve the environment, not just for today, but for generations to come.