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Bringing innovative, turnkey solutions and cutting-edge technology to every project. We are committed to being an industry leader and bringing the highest standards of safety and quality to every job.

Meet Young Energy

Young Energy provides customers with unsurpassed service and the highest safety standards. Our team of experienced industry professionals strives to provide the right solution to any project. Young Energy excels in innovative technologies and processes, including everything from robotic cleaning technology, dispatching of pipe fitters to a turnaround, and employing industry-leading safety consultants. Young Energy raises the bar for service excellence in oil and gas across Canada.

We are leaders in supporting diversity and inclusion in communities across the country through our Indigenous Inclusion Programs, our in-house training facilities, and equal opportunity employment programs.

Main Services

Young Energy offers a diverse and complete list of services for every project.

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Innovative Technologies

Young Energy strives to remain at the forefront of the industry by continuously investing in technological advancements and cutting-edge equipment.
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Plant and Field Maintenance

Providing more than just turnaround and tank services, Young Energy provides programs, crews, and equipment to support day-to-day maintenance.
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Turnaround Services

Young Energy is the clear choice for facility maintenance and turnaround services. We provide custom solutions for field and plant maintenance for production facilities based on needs.
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Environmental Services

Ensuring the safety of the environment and reducing our impact on the environment is a primary concern. Creating processes to minimize this impact is a key element of our business.
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Tank Services

With over 20 years of tank cleaning experience, Young Energy develops turnkey solutions for every project.
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Safety Services

As an in-house provider of all industry safety needs, Young Energy can provide a full suite of safety services.

Industries We serve

Young Energy has a diverse list of services applicable to a vast number of industries. This includes a wide selection of applications for advanced industrial cleaning tools for various production industries, safety services, and sanitization response.

Oil and Gas

From planning to managing to cleaning and thorough inspections, we are able to support it all.

Energy Sector

Supporting oil, gas, power generation, solar farming, and wind farms with personnel and safety programs.

Pulp and Paper

Providing safety services and industrial cleaning technologies to solve challenges in a budget-conscious sector.

Agricultural Industry

Providing services to facilities including potash and fertilizer production. Ensuring smooth and clean operations.

Join Our Team

Young Energy offers tremendous opportunity for oil and gas professionals through industry-leading technology, challenging projects and a creative-thinking national organization. We encourage unique paths for professional growth and through our partnerships in oil and gas, provide a collaborative working environment where we engage with our clients to help sustain development and growth within our industry and communities.

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We know we can only be as strong as the communities we work in and with. It is for this reason that Young Energy is committed to giving back and building a strong future.

Charitable Partnerships
We are committed to making a positive impact in our community by supporting local initiatives.
Indigenous Partnerships
Our 6 Pillars of Success ensure mutually beneficial partnerships and opportunities for indigenous communities.

Safety & Quality

People will always be the most important part of any job. We ensure that safety is our primary focus to guarantee the highest quality of work.

Ronald Young, Founder
At Young Energy our work is never so urgent or important that we can’t do it safely and in an environmentally responsible manner.